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    Shawn and his crew came by to install a couple attic fans in our attic and take care of our air ducts. I removed the insulation from my attic about 5 years ago and didn’t want to install new insulation. I decided installing attic fans would be the way to go to remove hot air from the attic. They did a fantastic job installing the fans and repairing our air ducts. Highly recommended and will you use again when needed.

    Kennoth D.

    Shawn did a fantastic job! He was professional and honest in every way. He explained that we had asbestos which needed to be removed and had to come out four different times before the asbestos removal company finally completed their work properly so he was able to do his. He was kind, patient, and repeatedly honest about what was going on with the asbestos removal. He is very knowledgeable and gave so much of his time and attention to our problematic situation. We are so grateful to him for everything and will definitely be using him again! We now have clean and asbestos free ducts thanks to his work and honesty. Can’t say enough good things about his work and him. Don’t look anywhere else. Hire him and know he is a straight shooter and will tell you the truth and be extremely fair on the price.

    Sheryl H.

    They came to give me a quote on insulation and vents in my attic. Shawn came over the same day I called and we discussed options and pricing. A few days later he came back with his crew and they worked from about 9am to 5pm and got everything done in one day. Hardworking crew, cleaned up after themselves and kept my house clean. Shawn was friendly and is a good guy and easy to work with

    Matt Z.

    A very professional company… I called them to get a quote for our attic insulation and we were promptly scheduled. the sales rep came on that same Sunday ( they are probably the only company in this business that works on sundays) to come by. The sales rep was clean. He came in wearing a coverup suit when he went up to inspect the attic and went back to his car to change his clothes before coming and sitting down to explain everything. We are very happy with the work.

    Gary C.

    Shawn originally came out April 2017 to give a quote on replacing our ducts. We decided to hold off on it a little longer and got in contact with Shawn again last week (February 2018) He still offered the same price he originally quoted me. They replaced our vents cleaned our system and sanitized our attic. my husband said the insulation was the wrong way so shawn made it look right.

    Rachel K.

    Shawn was prompt, professional, warm and knowledgeable. I was told years ago to clean my vents again in 2018. He told me they weren’t necessary, that my attic was clean, my vents were in good condition, etc., and that nothing was needed. He was incredibly honest. He could have told me anything and I would have gotten the work done (I am terrified of rats and their damage). But he didn’t. I will definitely hire him again, and recommend him highly.

    Terry J.

    Fast easy and friendly. We installed a new heater and AC with them and they went above and beyond meeting our expectations. If we had questions, they were answered. If we had concerns, they were resolved.

    Reza K.

    Shawn just came by to my house this morning. I called him last week to set up an appointment after finding them online. He cleaned out my air vents and my dryer. My dryer was having issues heating up the clothes. After he cleaned the vent he showed me all the lint and we ran the dryer for 15 minutes with wet clothes to make sure it works. Overall great and straight forward. This company is on my top providers list.

    John F.

    I originally only planned to have the air ducts cleaned, but after Shawn’s pre-inspection, it turned out I needed the pipes replaced. Since my place is 34 years old, I decided to have the work done. Shawn seemed very knowledgeable in his feel of business, so I decided to have him do the work. I was so pleased with his work and professionalism, I decided to have them install an air conditioner too. Everyone was very professional and I am very pleased with their work.

    Raul G.