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  • Cement & Driveways

    Exceptional Cement Driveways & Cement Services In California

    Get the results that you deserve when you ask for help from a top California, concrete contractor. SL Home Designs, inc. can visit your location and offer a free estimate about your remodeling plans or driveway repair. Our punctual and professional team will deliver a quote covering everything required to deliver your project on time and on budget. We offer fast help with HOA approvals, and we handle all the fees.

    • break out and haul away existing concrete
    • shoot elevations for proper drainage
    • frame out entire area using highest quality materials
    • treated wood or redwood expansion joint depending on your municipality.
    • rebar on risers ( spacing and size according to customers municipality.

    Concrete, when properly applied, has a 30-year-plus life expectancy.  Unfortunately, cost-saving driveway installations are a key way that less reputable builders cut corners.

    Cement & Driveways

    Why Choose Us?

    • 15+ years’ experience in concrete driveway installation, repaving, leveling, and repair
    • Our driveways last longer without maintenance than our competitors
    • Quick response, painless service
    • Reasonable quotes – we don’t sell you any service you don’t absolutely need
    • Friendly and expert team capable of getting the job done quickly, and doing it right
    • Our commitment to saving you as much as possible over the life of your investment.
    Cement & Driveways